Admin notices / local-only messages

I’ve browsed the Github issues and I don’t want to drag this into local-only messages for users, I’m specifically interested in how other admins are handling messages to to their local users. I run into small issues where I want to announce local changes, or poll the local group regarding our instance, and right now I have to conduct those discussions offline.

Two options I’d like to discuss are

  1. An admin-only option to create a message or status in the admin interface that appears either pinned to top of Local, new column, or is DMed to all local users, or maybe even a new dedicated space in the UI similar to “About” but easily visible/found in the UI.

  2. A new privacy option called Local Only or Unfederated or similar which is restricted to Admin users and sends to all local users.

Or indeed anything else other server admins have considered or are using.

So, in general, I ask the other admins here, how are you interacting with your local users? Have you had similar issues/needs?

Glitch already has that what you want, The toot will be kept local and wont federate, although if you use vanilla its all up to Eugene. He dictate everything there.