Adding Plugins to Mastodon

Plugins could be a great way to encourage further development on Mastodon while releasing core developers from having to maintain every feature in use in the ecosystem.

My question is, has anyone created designs or is anyone familiar with how best to add plugins to a system like Mastodon? I see in RubyOnRails that some use Engines to accomplish what’s done in plugins but have also heard of Railties being used.

For my part, I’d like to create a system where features can be more easily turned on or off and a plugin would seem to make sense for this, at least in the case where some new feature is going to be turned on.


That sounds good I would like to see that added. It could add a lot of good stuff

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Since making this post, I noticed PeerTube does a really neat thing with plugins by using a npm and its repo infrastructure to host its plugins. I guess the analog here would be Masto plugins as gems. I still don’t know what a good plugin system in Ruby looks like and have only run across initial example tutorials like A simple ruby plugin system

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Mastodon needs plugins. Sometimes people need features the creator doesn’t intend to implement on all sites or care to maintain on the stock app but disabled by default. A system like Wordpress would be pretty cool for installing plugins. At a minimum there should be a folder where plugin files are uploaded or downloaded and they can be easily enabled or disabled by admins.

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Big approval here: look at the robust plugin space for Wordpress and how much that was key to that platform’s success.

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I think what’s needed is a feature that can be used as a tracer bullet to be added via plugin. Maybe Groups/Teams or instance-local posts.