Add trending hashtags to sidebar


I have a new Mastodon instance but I don’t know how to set up trending hashtags like on Is there a guide on how to set that up? Thanks in advance.

The feature must be enabled (“Trending hashtags”, at /admin/settings/edit#form_admin_settings_trends). Then, hashtags that are considered as trending (used by a sufficient amount of accounts in a day, used more than the previous day) will be up for review at /admin/tags. Accepted trending hashtags will display in a similar fashion as on

I have the setting enabled to allow hashtags to trend and all of the tags are allowed to trend, but they don’t show up on the side.

Then it’s possible they are simply not trending. This may happen if your instance does not know of enough posts using them (trends are computed locally from what your instance knows about).
It is also possible that the tasks aren’t running as expected. If you visit /admin/dashboard, is there any warning?