Add gopher to URI schemes

Over on SDF, we use gopher. Seriously, our use is both notable, and parties like it is 1996!

So when we link to gopher://, we’d like it to actually link.

I imagine there are other schemes that might be useful, and checking the code I believe it currently links http, https and ftp. Can we add gopher to that? :slight_smile:

And yes, I know that scheme doesn’t work in popular web browsers, but we don’t all use the web UI, and we’d like those links to come through. Also, our browsers can do gopher. :crazy_face:


I like this idea a lot.

My browser is already configured to pipe gopher links to my preferred gopher client. I’d love for the links to actually, you know, be clickable.

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I like this idea too, however, I think the github tracker is where this needs to go, as a feature request.

After some casual grep for https? it seems that there are various URL-parsing regular expressions scattered across the code. Some of them might or might not be relevant for gopher (like fetching data across instances). They should be examined and eventually updated.

Opened issue at Add gopher to URI schemes · Issue #6072 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub. :slight_smile:

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This is great I am glad people are requesting this. As mastodon is trying to kickstart the open web this would probably make more sense to just link-iffy all :// strings of text and let the browser decide what to do. That would enable things like dat:// and magnet:// and ipfs:// links to work which are totally part of the same sphere of decentralized networks we are trying to promote.


Having discussed adding additional URI schemes at Add additional protocols to URI schemes · Issue #6072 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub and other places, I think the way to move forward is to replace the Twitter library Mastodon currently uses to parse URLs. Please add those schemes to the ticket, as well! :slight_smile:


looks like its been implemented!