Activitypub and Syndication Links

I have added activitypub and Syndication Links to my wordpress site witch allows me to have to show up with my posts on it on the mastodon

but how do I clame the account and be able to edit it as it not showing up right with the right picture name and username and some of my posts wont show up so I would like to also post over there too

Your bot needs a Mastodon account to post to, along with its related API key. I suggest you first register an account on the Mastodon server of your choice (see Choosing a community - Mastodon ) and then use those account details to redirect your WordPress bot to post to that acocunt.

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I did this that why I asked how do it

If you already have a Mastodon account and you are using the API to POST something to your timeline, the toot should contain the Mastodon account’s profile picture etc. What is the Mastodon account you are using?

well there is two one that auto posts and the other we manually post to

I don’t know if this is helpful, but when I view that profile on my server, and click through, I get this: