ActivityPub actor issue for an app

I am building an app called ActivityPub.Actor. The idea is to provide Activity Pub actor object for non-activitypub accounts. People are already using and I think that it could be usefull and cool to have that give the Twitter account info and link to it. We also could think of something like for Wikipedia people pages, and so.

But I’m facing an issue with retrieving the actor object. If, for example, you search in Mastodon, it do not work.
The thing is I am also coding a small CMS with activitypub integration, and I do not have any issue with it (see, and it’s more or less the same code. I recoded twice without result. So I have no clue at all why is it not working.

You can see webfinger : and actor here : or by doing :

wget --header="Accept: application/activity+json"

And you can find open sources here : David Libeau / activitypubactor · GitLab
I anyone see something, please let me know. It would be very appreciated!
Thanks :+1:

Finnally resolved. My $_SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT"] was bad tested.

Mastodon give application/activity+json, application/ld+json and Pleroma should give something like application/activity+json(that I was tested).