Accounts: How to delete accounts?

One thing with Mastodon that I know has happened to me with my short time in it is that have migrated from instant to instant. In my travels to, I have noticed something that is kind of annoying.
I can’t delete my own account on the network. The best thing that has happened is that I got to e-mailing my admins on the servers that I previously used and got them to suspend my accounts that remain unused since, but I honestly doubt that I am the only one to come across this as an issue.

Is there a time line for such a function?

just a heads up that the GDPR legislation is planned for next year EU and UK (UK will implement it in spite of Brexit). It is currently unclear whether this will affect “hobby” projects but in UK a lot of voluntary run orgs (animal shelters, community radio stations etc) consider that they will be affected by it, and are already doing their research and preparation.

This really needs a proper legal eagle to look at it within the next year. I personally don’t think that EU will want at all to squash an innovative IT project devised by young enthusiastic people (many within the EU) that is uniting a lot of folk worldwide, especially with FR govt (and some others?) increasingly getting involved!

A lot of Mastodon appears to be built with security and privacy in mind far more than US inspired commercial products and much appears to already be compliant with the proposed legislation, but one requirement does seem to involve the ability to fully delete user data.


This is a known issue and AFAIK high priority. Also remember that it is already possible for an admin to delete your account from the command line and hopefully this will be implemented in the Admin GUI the next release (1.5).


Yes, and kind admins with donation pots active should oblige such requests, but not all do, as the about pages of some instances make clear. So it will be really nice to give this ability to the individual. It is sorely missing.

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Don’t get me wrong, I also want that users can delete themselves ASAP. I only told you all the current status.

That is nice and honestly I didn’t think that someone would have filed it as a bug, nice to know that the developers are connected to the deficiency. I guess I just have to wait… in the meanwhile, I have been rather lucky and admins have been kind to suspend both of my accounts, which is a little better in my book since it removes the chance of someone else using the name on that instance.

I hope you don’t mind my asking: did you move to for reasons of discoverability? That is, were you motivated by the difficulty of finding posts/authors on a topic within the federated timeline of a small instance?

If so, could you please say whether your new “home” gave you the discoverability you wanted? (I’m guessing that would be via hashtag search, but maybe I’ve missed something…)

More that it is the central nexus of the federation. I am the type of person that likes to listen in the middle of the conversation, so mastodon.socal positioned in the way that it was ended up being the centre of many discussions over the over all the network and was very active.

Pixiv’s Pawoo is becoming another one of those simply by the sheer volume of users on it, and the discussions over it tend to be VERY active but I don’t read Japanese to save my life so what I can get out of Pawoo is going to be rather remote.

Discover-ability didn’t really enter into the migration from and I was rather happy with the instance, all things considered. It’s just that was as the centre of it all and to be honest, the opportunity arose were I could register with it after… so I jumped.

On a side note:
I will admit that discover-ability will be an interesting problem for mastodon to attempt to solve. The search function seems rather basic (I mean to be honest, there should be an option to limit the search results to instance or the whole federation [as said instance sees it as]), and with mastodon decentralized the way that it is, it will continue to be.
I think that discover-ability will more be solvable with a organized community. In that big hub instances (like Pawoo, and will help solve that problem, by making it easier to find people that centre in those hubs

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That is nice. Though I can see where it ends up: Once people realize they can do that, they make a mad dash to sign up on every instance and demand to have their accounts suspended, all for the sake of preserving their handles around the fedaverse. So, not very sustainable in the end. We better not let the cat out of the bag. :wink:

Is there a plan yet for how account deletion should work? Seems like it should actually be two options:

  1. Suspend the account to prevent impersonation, and then delete it after a while (six months?)
  2. Delegate the account to another, to forward all interactions to a new identity on that instance or another
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