Account Transfer

Yes, there is a facility to transfer accounts and their data — The question I have is how to do so when the instance is non-responsive, has SSL errors, and cannot contact the admin? Could someone check to see if this instance is down from their region? It’s (
Thanks. I’m really pissed that I cannot retrieve my data — This is one thing that may prevent the Federation from being popular. Too many admins with more restrictive policies than Twitter ever had is my experience, and I’m not talking about GAB!

I know it’s a week old now, but I cannot access that host either. It resolves in DNS, I can ping it, but it’s down via http/https. I’m in California and tried via VPN to a couple other places too. It’s not responding.

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Over 10 days now, I waited sometime before reporting it here — so probably gone. If it does pop up and you notice, please let me know. I have data I’d like to extract.
SSL & certificate errors. Seemed to be more than a few Debian org types on it too. Hopefully the admin isn’t ill or whatever.

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