Account can't be deleted

As Admin I created more than 1 user to test, but only 1 has the problem that I can’t delete it.
If I login with that account and want to destroy my account it gives me the error:
“We’'re sorry, but something went wrong on our end”

And as Admin, if I go to the Admin settings to delete the account, I receive the same error.

Do you know what can I do to delete it?. I haven’t access to the server, it’s on

The account was created by an invitation code.
But the others I created were deleted and they were also created by an invitation code too.

What do the logs of the “mastodon-web” service say?

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Where are those logs in the Moderation/Admin settings?
I can’t access the server, it’s done by

In that case please talk to the administrator

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Ok, thanks a lot for the answer :slight_smile:

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//// cc @hugogameiro

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Thanks for pinging me :slight_smile: Not sure what happened as I had no detailed error information on mastodon-web log. Probably just running with rails debug on would get more information. Still, after talking with @tronss I was able to delete the account using tootctl cli.

It’s the second report I get of issues with deletion, on the other one it showed the error “Attempted to update a stale object: AccountStat. (ActiveRecord::StaleObjectError)” when attempting deletion via cli, this one didn’t but I’m getting a feeling that v3.4.0 might have introduced some issue on account deletion. Will keep investigating and update here if I find something.

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wow! thanks for coming back so quickly! :rocket:

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I am not entirely sure how this issue is occurring as I could not reproduce it, but I have a rough idea of what could be happening here.

In any case, I have opened a PR that should address this: Fix account deletion sometimes failing because of optimistic locks by ClearlyClaire · Pull Request #16317 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub