About the Accessibility category

Discuss future feature implementations and development ideas in regards to accessibility. This is a free-er form of discussion than the GitHub would allow for, it can help us find a way to implement a new feature which also promotes accessibility.

What is the main goal of this subcategory:

  • This category is specifically for discussing features from an accessibility stand point.

  • While accessibility ought to connect with other categories too, like UX, the point of separating it is to be able to have a focused discussion of other features without “derailing” that threads focus.

  • You will want to link to another feature discussion, or issue on GitHub, in order to prompt focused discussion about the accessibility involved with that feature. Or bring up features which are missing, and help us discuss it in a way that we can at the end of the discussion create a GitHub issue out of it.

  • This is a subcategory of development, as it is part of development efforts.