503 when I (try) to follow a user on another server


I’m running an mastodon instance and seems to be configured properly.
However when I try to follow a user that is on another instance, I get a 503 error: Remote data could not be fetched.

I have enabled debug logging and found what it may cause this error:

method=GET path=/authorize_interaction format=html
controller=AuthorizeInteractionsController action=show status=500 
error='HTTP::ConnectionError: failed to connect: getaddr
info: Name does not resolve' duration=52.71 view=0.00 db=10.21 

It seems that network connectivity and name resolution seems to work on the network,any ideas om what may be wrong and how I could fix it?

what user are you trying to follow?


does federation on your instance work otherwise? when you post something, do your followers see it?

How can I test federation?
Currently I don’t have any followers outside my instance.