429 throttled when deleting many toots

Recently a user told me that after deleting a bunch of toots, they received a ‘429 throttled’ error. Today I also deleted a bunch of old toots, and after a short while I also received that error. After that I couldn’t delete toots anymore with that account (maybe I can later again, who knows).

AFAIK this started after v2.9.0.

Does this mean there is a limit regarding deleting toots? If so, shouldn’t there be a more useful error message? And how can I increase the limit, cause it is really to low now?

Hopefully @Gargron can give his answer. Thanks in advance.

It is there on GitHub:

Deletions take a lot of resources to execute and cause a lot of federation traffic, so it makes sense to decrease the number someone can queue up through the API.
30 per 30 minute

Rationale in this thread