403 error when loading instance homepage about 5% of the time

Have been testing this error with a number of our instance users, and ourselves. Seems about 5% of the time people try to load the homepage of our instance, they get a 403 error. Loading from different browsers seems to bypass the problem … for example, on macs, Chrome seems to work most of the time, while loading the site in Safari returns 403 errors about 5% of the time.

Strange…has anyone else had this happen?

What does nginx say?

The nginx log says exactly:

2019/02/16 16:30:57 [error] 29599#29599: *401681 directory index of “/home/mastodon/live/public/” is forbidden, client: 126.66.60.[edited], server: [our instance domain name], request: “GET / HTTP/1.1”, host: “[our instance domain name]”

Seems like the problem is that it’s not using your upstream server or your upstream server is not responding. Are there any logs in the mastodon-web service for that time?

Ohhhh, good idea. Looking…

I figured it out. For some reason when those errors are happening, browser requests to the root of our domain name are not being redirected to the /about page. Seems to be that simple.

Now to figure out why some of the redirects are failing. Hmm…