1.4.1 Probing of Conversation issues

Just FYI, I did manage to update to v1.4.1. I had run into the same issues as before - then I restarted the VM and suddenly all was well.

I have noticed one strange thing with v1.4.1 - when people I follow engage in public conversations, I can no longer see the toots they’re replying to on my instance. I have to visit the web view to see the conversation. A weird side-effect is that the reply by someone I follow shows up in my home timeline even though I’m not following the other person(s) in the conversation.

This resembles the behavior I had been seeing when people I follow respond to followers-only posts. Except now it’s happening for public toots that, in earlier versions, got pulled in.


This may be an issue with the conversation ids and not all servers being updated to 1.4.1.

Thanks maloki. Do you know if there are plans for a patch? Not sure where the break is - toots we send, or toots we receive, or both - but I think it’s reasonable to expect 1.x versions to maintain some basic backwards compatibility support with each other. I don’t think we can always expect people to update to 1.4.1 (or later) in a timely fashion.


@wolfteeth do you have more details (links to conversations, etc.)? Do you think there is enough material (logs, example) to open a github issue?

I think I see the same thing on my instance. But the toots I don’t see correspond to an entry like this:

WARN: ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound: Couldn’t find Status with ‘id’=xxxxx

in the log, which looks like a race condition where sidekiq tries to obtain a record that as not been committed yet because when I search the statuses table, I find the record sidekiq couldn’t find…

there is indeed an intermittent gap/lag in federation even across 1.4.* instances.

I saw this yesterday evening between social.tchncs.de and glitch.social.

My toots from the yesterday morning on social.tchncs.de federated to glitch.social quickly but a big conversation I’d had about old style telephone signalling did not.

Yet when I tried some tests later that night everything federated within seconds. And today everything works well again, but the toots about the telephones (some of which got widely boosted) are still not there.

Other folk have been mentioning really “old” toots turning up randomly in their timelines as well (and even thought it was instance blocks but I don’t think this is the case) - possibly some “peak time congestion” issue?

Conversations can end up as followers only though. I assume you double checked this?

I did look for the “padlock” symbol just in case but it defnitely wasn’t there. The toots I made were public (if not then aren’t others locked out from boosting them anyway?) I also made some test toots between the two instances where I knew it everything was 100% public and got the same intermittent delays.

Do you follow both accounts? Replies only appear to accounts you follow from accounts you follow. That may be it?
(at least this is how it’s “supposed” to work right now iirc)

yes, both accounts are followed (I was testing this with my own accounts on both instances and following myself from “both ends”)

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Okay, testing with Glitch.social may cause it’s own set of issues. As it is a “glitchy” instance, and try out new PRs all the time.

I’ve joined up to cybre.space as well now (as I was curious about the custom UI) and will try and monitor things, although I feel a bit bad/awkward about using too many instances at once due to the resources involved as well as tooting to myself and filling up 3 instances timelines with random stuff like Schlager videos rather than just one :smiley:

at least I can keep a “weather eye” on what is happening with federation of other toots and hopefully if anything obvious seems to be missing report on that…


Example with an instance still on v1.3.3:

Status pulled onto my instance: Moved: -> @shel@cybre.space: “@Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me ??????????????????…” - Icosahedron
Completely without context. In the past the full conversation would get federated in even if other parties in the convo weren’t followed by anyone on my instance.

Public context: Moved: -> @shel@cybre.space: "@Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me ??????????????????…" - Icosahedron

We can’t look at this unless we’re on that instance.

Oh. There used to be a way to link to the federated version of a remote toot publicly - how do I do that?

There is an issue on Github for this: Missing reply chains on a federated toot · Issue #905 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub

Use the time-stamp url. The url will end up looking more like the 2nd one.